Type of Project/Location

Typical Needs

Recommended Solution

Noisy equipment on the outside, like "Chiller"Insulate in a certain direction to protect an areaSILENTIUM BAR12
Very noisy equipment inside the factoryMake some insulation in all its surroundingSILENTIUM CAB25
room or similar in proper compartment
Improve the isolation of the room by acting on the critical points and of less insulation ...Incorporate SILENCERS into the air entrances and exits, possibly an ACOUSTIC DOOR and ABSORBENT interior
Nave with many loud equipments with similar noise levelsReduce factory noise levels by improving its coveringSILENTIUM Baffle 2xNV70-30
Sound sources with high levels of noise, like equipment motors, cutting areas, etc...Perform some localized absorption improving the acoustic environmentSILEX 25 ou 50