Type of Project/Location

Typical Needs

Recommended Solutions

I live on a recent floor and in my room I hear my neighbor snoringReinforcing insulation to airborne noise of critical wallsSILENTIUM PAR50
I live in the downtown and have difficulty falling asleep with the street noise, particularly automobilesReinforce the insulation of airborne noise of definitively critical surfaces or elementsProperly treat the existing window, which requires adequate duplication and treatment with absorbents of the resulting air box and the blind box, if any.
My neighbor complains that my floor is very noisy - can I improve the situation if I inject some product under the floor between the slats?Reinforce the insulation to percussion noise and incorporate absorbent into the air boxesSILENTIUM PAV60 E depois instalar o soalho (mesmo ou novo) com absorvente de célula aberta na caixa de ar, entre ripas.
I live on a floor and I often hear the footsteps of my neighbor from above and the music he likesMake some noise insulation around its surroundingsSILENTIUM PAV60
I'm a pianist, I live on a floor and I stay up late. I may have friends in the buildingStrongly reinforce the airborne and percussion noise insulation of the entire enclosureSILENTIUM TEC60
I want to learn how to play drums and I'm thinking of rehearsing in the attic of the building that is a few meters from the first dwellings, will anyone complain about the noise?Highly reinforce the airborne and percussion noise insulation throughout the enclosureThink elsewhere because the isolation needs could hardly be implemented in this space